• Prevention of any hierarchical injustice based on gender inequality that constrains intellectual or academic growth.
  • Prevention of gender biased attitude when it comes to arbitration of efficacy of work allocated within working hours.
  • Protection of the basic rights of a woman.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • To help women to realize their rights of freedom.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a misconduct and initiate disciplinary actions for such misconduct.
  • To assist the oppressed woman to place the complaint.
  • To defend the one who is victimized.
  • To educate and instruct students about sexual harassment.

 Victim can submit her/his complaint immediately through contact number to the Principal of the college concerned or the committee constituted by the College for this purpose.


Ms.Archana Verma, Member,Principal


Grievance Redressal Cell/Anti Ragging/Anti Sexual Harassment/Internal Complaint Committee

Smt. Bandana Bhardwaj,convener


Dr. Babulal Sharma, Member


Sh.Anil Chauhan, Member


Sh. Tarun Saini, Member


Dr. Anita Mishra, Member